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Chapel Hill Commercial Concrete Service - Concrete Parking Lot Service

Our firm under the name of Chapel Hill Concrete Contractor based in Chapel Hill NC is reputed for providing concrete installation, pouring, and repair services to the companies and residents in and around the Chapel Hill area. Our services consist of driveways, patios, foundations, flatwork, plus other types of concrete services. We can boast of having numerous clients in the region who are satisfied with our services over the years. In case you do have doubts about our services, take a look at the online reviews all of which will talk highly about us.

Services offered by us:

Commercial concrete

Concrete can enhance visual appeal plus public safety at commercial sites. Its main applications consist of sidewalks, dumpster pads, stairs, parking bumpers, dock pads, curbs, gutters, catch basins, walls plus ramps. Concrete is very resilient and will serve you for a long time to come. However, you need to maintain it properly since holes and cracks might develop over time on the surface. If water enters these cracks, things can become worse and you will need to spend cash to make the necessary repairs.

However, our competent workforce will remove plus swap the affected areas. After the completion of the replacement process, our experts will suggest a curing period of at least 1 week. It is essential to divert the traffic during this time since the excess load can cause damage to the surface.

Concrete curb & gutter

If you do not like the drivers to drive or park on the sidewalks, then our concrete curb gutters will help you to achieve that. There are many functions when it comes to curb gutters and one of the most notable amongst them will be to separate the road and the roadside. It will offer structural support and will help to keep the vehicles off from the landscaping and also the sidewalks. This will be visually appealing in the long run. Our company provides remarkable concrete curb & gutter installation and we will provide your road with a fabulous appearance that you might not even think of.

Concrete flatwork

We will also offer a wide range of services for installing, maintaining and repairing residential concrete network in the Chapel Hill area. The term “flatwork” refers to a type of residential landscape design which we will provide in the best possible manner.

Parking lots

We will be using laser screed engineering for constructing durable parking lots within a short time. We will also use less manpower for doing the job. In spite of being pricier than asphalt, we will offer more competitive concrete options as per your likings. These parking lots will need low maintenance and will generate lower temperatures too. Furthermore, these can last for more than 30 years without any problem at all.

We also provide other services like culvert pipes and pool decks in the Chapel Hill area.

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